Natalie Barrett, MA Student – CW

barrettJapanese internment in literature
Popular fiction
Good writing

Maya Bousquet, MA Student – LSE

IMG_1035 Relations of literature, science and traditional medicine as practiced in postcolonial settings

Contemporary fiction

Composition pedagogy

Perry Buto, MA Student – CW

butoInvestigating the strengths and weaknesses in human nature through the lens of tragedy

Tracing cultural shifts by comparing literature trends through the ages

Exploring sense of time and place in fiction

Veronica Freeman, MA Student – LSE

freemanFood narratives

Desensitization of food terminology

20th century American literature

Sarah Goodson, MA Student – CSAP


Pacific and Caribbean Islands literature & memoir

Postcolonial theory; Ethnic / cultural rhetoric

Sacred / spiritual texts and folklore of the Pacific and Caribbean

Michael Harris, MA Student – LSE

harrisMiltonic prose
Transhumanist conjecture in literature
Philosophical arguments of the Enlightenment

Brittney Holt, MA Student – LSE


African American identity, emphasis on the identity of African American women

African diaspora identity in literature

Feminist literature

Samantha Ikehara, MA Student – LSE


Asian American literature

Theories of nationalism, transnationalism, and diaspora

Gender, sexuality, and queer studies

Matthew Ito, MA Student – CSAP

itoRace and ethnicity in American Lit
Space and place in literature
Postcolonial literature

Avree Ito-Fujita, MA Student – CR


Writing center pedagogy

Pacific literature


Brooke Jones, MA Student – CW


Creative writing, including fiction and creative nonfiction

Indigenous literature

Literature for or about children

Ivy Kim, MA Student – CW

kimCreative Nonfiction

Writing Pedagogy

Asian American Literature

Eric Lauritzen, MA Student – CR

Colauritzenmposition pedagogy
Rhetorical theory and traditions
Rhetoric and new media

Jade Lum, MA Student – LSE

lumFairy Tale and Folklore Literature

Visual Storytelling: film, video games, and visual novels

Adaptation of the fantastic in literature

Jordan Luz, MA Student – CSAP

luzGender Identity in Asian-American Literature

Cultural Studies: Gender Studies

Critical Race Theory

Travis Morimoto, MA Student – LSE

IMG_0159 (1)Visual media, narrative in film, television, video games, etc

Literature and pedagogy

Adaptations of old narratives for a modern audience

Nicole Pagan, MA Student – CW

13528822_1169105199807850_7042857349319605942_nShort stories, poetry, & film

Gender, sexuality, & queer studies

Race & ethnicity in (American) literature

Rachel Reeves, MA Student – CW


Pacific literature
Narrative journalism
Creative nonfiction

Jenna Saito, MA Student – CR

IMG_1174Visual rhetorics
Autobiography and biography of minority groups
Origins of Asian Settler Colonialism

Cavan Scanlan, MA Student – CW

scanlanPacific poetry and literature

Life writing

Indigenous narratives in education

Amy Scott-Zerr, MA Student – CSAP


African literatures

African American literature

Middle Eastern literatures

Caribbean literatures

Wyatt Souza, MA Student – CSAP


Moʻoleo, Kaʻao and Mele Hawaiʻi
Indigenous theory
Aloha ʻĀina

Hannah Spencer, MA Student – CW


Hawaiian literature

Writing pedagogy

Kristina Togafau, MA Student – CW


Science or fantastical fiction

Reimagined biblical narratives


Kenneth Tokuno, MA Student – CR

1 joe montana passing (st)Rhetoric & composition


Creative non-fiction

Kristin Trout, MA Student – LSE

troutThe role of women in literature

Poetic prose

20th Century American literature

Amy Vegas, MA Student – CSAP

Amy_VegasCultural studies; feminist studies

The effects of U.S. militarization

The displacement of Native Hawaiian culture

The tensions of representation in Hawaii’s natural landscape

Isaac Wang, MA Student – LSE





Rachel (Kalei) Wang, MA Student – LSE


19th century British and American Literature

Kanaka maoli texts

Indigenous methodologies and place-based pedagogy

Kelsey Amos, PhD Student

Kelsey_AmosRepresentations of Hawai‘i in public discourse

Indigenous resurgence

Literatures of Hawai‘i

Amalia Bueno, PhD Student – CW

Amalia_BuenoFilipino American literature


Creative writing pedagogy

Amy Carlson, PhD Student

Amy_CarlsonLife writing

Visual narratives, especially comics

Fairy tales & folktales

Lisa Chow, PhD Student

Mana WaLisa_Chowhine

Place-based rhetoric

Hawaiian literature

Donovan Colleps, PhD Student – CW

Donovan_CollepsLiteratures of Hawai‘i

Indigenous literatures

Creative writing (documentary poetry, short stories, the novel)

Kimberly Compoc, PhD Student

Kimberly_CompocLiterature and colonialism

Filipino American studies

Settler colonialism in Hawai‘i

Feminist theory and American empire

Lane Davey, PhD Student

daveyBiblical literature

Religion & popular culture

Cultural preservation through surfing, music, and social movements

Dax Garcia, PhD Student

Dax PicDisability Studies
First-Year Writing
Modern American Autobiography


Steven Gin, PhD Student

Steven_GinPacific literature

Narrative theory

Media studies

Kaela Goodman, PhD Student


Race and Gender in Contemporary Literature

Coming of Age Stories

African American Literature

Janet Graham, PhD Student

Janet_GrahamPoetry and prose of the Vietnamese diaspora

Narratives of migration

Subject formation

Joseph Han, PhD Student – CW

Joseph_HanResearch: Asian American literature/theory, diaspora/immigration, narratology

Writing: historical fictions, poetry, flash fiction

Teaching interests: creative writing, empire/resistance in literature, immigration narratives, and Korean American literature

Steven Holmes, PhD Student

Steven_HolmesAmerican literature 1900-present

Rhetorical theory

Adapting early modern drama

Post/apocalyptic fiction from 1980-present

Scott Kaalele, PhD Student

Scott_KaalelePacific literature

Renaissance literature

Composition pedagogy

Leora Kava, PhD Student – CW


Tongan poetry/lyrics and creative negotiations of Pacific indigeneities (both within the islands and in our diasporas)

Poetry and music-writing as tools for creative activism in the Pacific.

Bryan Kuwada, PhD Student


Indigenous studies

Hawaiian literature

Kapena Landgraf, PhD Student – CW

Kapena_LandgrafCreative writing pedagogy

Creative writing, short stories, & place-based narratives

Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian) literature — fiction & non-fiction

Joshua Lazarus, PhD Student – CW

lazarusIdentity-driven poetry and fiction
Orality, literacy, and intertextuality (especially pertaining to Jewish literature)

Edward Lee, PhD Student

Edward_LeeMinority/Asian American rhetoric

Composition theory/pedagogy & technical/professional writing

Asian American life writing

Jee Young (Vera) Lee, PhD Student – CW

lee, jy

Translation theory and practice

20th- and 21st-Century American poetry

Emily Dickinson


Caryn Lesuma, PhD Student

Caryn_LesumaYoung adult literature

Pacific literature

Composition pedagogy

Henry Leung, PhD Student – CW




The martial arts

Jeffery Long, PhD Student – CW


Modernist fiction

Science/detective fiction

American Romanticism/Transcendentalism

LynleyShimat Lys, PhD Student – CW

lysPostcolonial Theory and Diaspora Studies in Literature

Intersectional Feminism, Affect Theory, and Gender / Queer Theory

Translation and Multilingual Literatures

Abbey Mayer, PhD Student – CW


Modernist and Postmodernist fiction.
Classical, Asian and indigenous mythologies.
Anything well-written.


Paul (Rajiv) Mohabir, PhD Student – CW

Paul_(Rajiv)_MohabirCreative writing and contemporary American poetry

Postcolonial theory and literatures of South Asia and the Caribbean

Queer theory and QPOC poetry

Madoka Nagado, PhD Student

Madoka_NagadoVictorian literature

Life writing

Disability studies

Koreen Nakahodo (Schroeder), PhD Student

Koreen_Nakahodo_(Schroeder)Pacific literature

The literatures of Hawai‘i

Composition and rhetoric

Jamaica Osorio, PhD Student – CW

Jamaica_OsorioKanaka Maoli Mo‘olelo & Ka‘ao

Indigenous theory

Art, performance, and resistance

Michael Pak, PhD Student

Michael_PakPopular culture

African American literature

Composition pedagogy

Tiare Picard, PhD Student – CW


Postmodern American poetry

Contemporary experimental poetry

Creative writing pedagogy

Rawitawan Pulam, PhD Student

Rawitawan_PulamOld and Middle English literature / early to late medieval culture

Early modern England and the British Isles

Critical theory / history of the senses

Nicole Rabin, PhD Student

Nicole_RabinCritical mixed race studies and literature

Contemporary ethnic literature of the U.S.

Queer theory with a focus on race and affect theory

Noukahauoli Revilla, PhD Student

Noukahauoli_RevillaQueer theory

Feminist theory

Contemporary pacific poetry & poetics

Anjoli Roy, PhD Student – CW

Anjoli_RoyCreative writing

Postcolonial literature and theory

Life writing

Cornelius Rubsamen, PhD Student

Cornelius_RubsamenPublic sphere pedagogy and education for democracy

Rhetoric of popular culture

Media theory of composition

Novelynn Rubsamen, PhD Student

Novelynn_RubsamenColonialism/postcolonial theory

Globalization studies

Life writing

Eric San George, PhD Student


Environmental literature

19th-century American literature

David Scrivner, PhD Student – CW

David_ScrivnerRepresentations of work and workers in American literature

American short story since 1950

The craft of short fiction

Melinda Smith, PhD Student

Melinda_SmithPacific literature

The novel

Indigenous literature

Elizabeth Soto, PhD Student – CW

Elizabeth_Soto20th-century American poetry in English, particularly spoken word

20th-century Pacific literature in English with a focus on poetry, performance, and plays

Performance studies with particular emphasis on identity, activism, and audience engagement

Norman Thompson, PhD Student

Norman_ThompsonPacific literature: poetry, creative fiction and non-fiction

Contemporary Hawaiian music

Identity performance: song, dance, tatau

Cynthia Tsai, PhD Student

tsaiVictorian literature and literary fantasies

Pacific islands literature

Creative writing

Quynh Vo, PhD Student

Contemporary American literature/literature by U.S women of color

Identity and cultural studies

Literature pedagogy

Sharon Weiner, PhD Student

weinerLife Writing and Women Artists
The Rhetoric of Women’s Suffrage in America: 1850-1920
Argumentative Writing

Julia Wieting, PhD Student – CW

Julia_WietingScience and literature

Inquiry-based teaching

Non-linear narratives

Rachel Wolf, PhD Student – CW

Rachel_WolfQueer theory/gender and literature

Post-humanism and cybernetic literature

Young adult literature

Rain Wright, PhD Student – CW

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMemoir/creative nonfiction

African American literature and world literature

Feminist theory

Aiko Yamashiro, PhD Student

Aiko_YamashiroPacific literature and social change

Community-engaged poetry

Critical ethnic studies

Ida Yoshinaga, PhD Student – CW

Ida_YoshinagaTheory and praxis of genre within corporate mass media: form, politics, process

Workplace autonomy, collective organizing, and critical training of creative workers across industrial trans-medial platforms: TV, independent film, fashion, toys, theme parks, comics

Fantastic narrative and social stratification