Alaka’i Antonio, MA Student (CR)

Composition Pedagogy

Indigenous Rhetorics

Writing Center Pedagogy

Ariana Babichenko, MA Student (CR)

Writing Pedagogy

Digital Pedagogy

Classical Rhetoric


Kristen Bailey, MA Student (CW)

Psychology / Mental Illness

Gender Studies / Masculinity

Minority portrayal in literature

World Reimagining  / Science Fiction / Fantasy / Magical Realism

Doroles Black, MA Student (LSE)

Asian American Literature

Queer Literature & Theory

Creative Writing

Jenniefer Corpuz, MA Student (CSAP)

Asian American Literature

Pop Cultural Studies

Writing Center Pedagogy


Diana Delgado Cornejo, MA Student (CW)

The relationship between immigration justice and indigenous resistance
Stories about queerness that aren’t just about coming out
Stories and rhetoric exploring the epistemology of race
Translation, linguistics and philosophy of languate


Kalilinoe Detwiler, MA Student (CSAP)

Contemporary Indigenous Literature

Hawaiʻi rhetoric

Traditional Hawaiian storytelling in screenwriting and animation

Ryan Gapelu, MA Student (CW)

Pacific Island Literature

Experimental Poetry, Visual Poetry, and Short Story

Queer Indigeneity

Devan Hartsch, MA Student (LSE)



Historical fiction

Dystopian literature


Clint Imholte Jr., MA Student (CW)

Cultural Identity


Fiction and Creative Non-fiction

Emilie LaRock, MA Student (LSE)

American Literature

Film and Television History

Gender Studies

Fiona Lynch, MA Student (CW)

Teaching Writing

Young Adult Literature

Disability Studies


Kimiko Maeda-Leon, MA Student (LSE)


Manga/Comics/Digital Comics

Space and Place

Hope Matsumoto, MA Student (CSAP)

Pasifika Poetry

Black & Native Feminisms

Decolonial & Indigenous Pedagogies


Jacie Miyashiro, MA Student (CSAP)

Social Justice

Writing Pedagogy

Minority Representation in the Media

Leomanaolamaikalani Peleiholani-Blankenfeld, MA Student (LSE)

Pacific Island Literature

Contemporary Literature


Wilson Pham, MA Student (LSE)

American Literature

British Literature

Modern Media/Pop Culture Literature

Cara Phillips, MA Student (CR)

The Pedagogy of Ethics

Theory of Power

Theory of Knowledge

Wendy Pias, MA Student (CR)

Classical Rhetoric

Rhetoric in Folklore, Fairy tales, and Mythology

Composition Pedagogy

Jordan Restrepo, MA Student (CR)

Rhetoric in Regards to the Emotions

Classical Rhetoric
Teaching Writing

Natalie Schack, MA Student (CW)

Culture and identity in food and travel journalism

Local Asian-American writers

Myth, folktale and ancient storytelling structures

Zoë Sprott, MA Student (LSE)


Queer theory

Contemporary literature

Digital/popular literature

Hillary Stratton, MA Student (CW)

Historical Fiction

Psychological Portrayal

Narrative Empathy


Jared Sunada, MA Student (CSAP)

Asian American Literature


Critical Race Theory

Coralyn Sunico, MA Student (CR)

Rhetoric of Empathy


Gender and Sexuality

Jake Vermaas, MA Student (CW)

Poetics of ruin

Hybridity and Cultural borderlands

Filipino poetry and martial law

Kayla Watabu, MA Student (CR)

Kanaka ‘Ōiwi and Indigenous rhetorics

Mo’olelo and Storytelling

Trauma and Healing

Samantha Yu, MA Student (CR)

Political Rhetoric




Cameron Mahealani Ahia, PhD Student

Moʻolelo, mele, ʻŌiwi epistemologies

Pacific womenʻs writing and performance

Indigeneity, diasporaneity, decolonial praxis

Amalia Bueno, PhD Student (CW)

Amalia_BuenoFilipino American literature


Creative writing pedagogy

Claire Buttery, PhD Student

19th/20th Century American Literature

Diasporic Literature

Gender and Race Studies

Elizabeth Calero, PhD Student

Life narrative as forms of resistance

Film and television studies


Donald Carreira Ching, PhD Student

Literatures of Hawaiʻi

Speculative Fiction

Cultural Studies/Gender Studies

Alexander Casey, PhD Student (CW)

Queer YA Literature

Adaptation Studies

Creative Writing Pedagogy


Li Shan Chan, PhD Student

Life Writing

Community-based Creative Writing

Cultural Studies in Asia


Lin Chia-Hua, PhD Student

Trans-indigenous study

Pacific literature


Justin Clapp, PhD Student

Writing Center pedagogy

Place-based pedagogy

Cultural studies

Kaela Clapp, PhD Student


Race and Gender in Contemporary Literature

Coming of Age Stories

African American Literature

Kari Clements, PhD Student

Constructions of Queer bodies in Digital Spaces
The Rhetoric of Pornography
Graphic Novels


Donovan Colleps, PhD Student (CW)

Donovan_CollepsLiteratures of Hawai‘i

Indigenous literatures

Documentary poetry, Short stories, The novel

Lane Davey, PhD Student

daveyBiblical literature

Religion & popular culture

Cultural preservation through surfing, music, and social movements

Pono Fernandez, PhD Student (CW)

Mo‘olelo/Ka‘ao Hawai‘i

Adaptation of Traditional Literature Techniques by Indigenous Oceanic Writers

Young Adult Literature of Oceania

Janine Fujioka, PhD Student (CW)

Japanese American Poetry

Japanese American Literature and Film

Hybrid and Multi-Modal Narrative Structures

Dax Garcia, PhD Student

Dax PicDisability Studies

First-Year Writing

Modern American Autobiography


Nina Gibson, PhD Student (CW)

Historical and Creative Non-fiction

Multicultural narratives

African American and Asian Cultural Studies and Literature

Sarah Goodson, PhD Student

Feminist rhetorics

Cultural rhetorics

Writing and civic action

Embodied storytelling

Amanda Huynh, PhD Student (CW)

Creative Writing

Bilingual/Multilingual Poetry

Cultural Studies

Matthew Ito, PhD Student

Hawaiian Literature and Methodologies

Place-based Pedagogy

Kuleana and Lawaiʻa Pono as ways to inform relationships to Hawaiʻi’s coastal ecosystems

Avree Ito-Fujita, PhD Student


Writing center pedagogy

Pacific literature


Scott Kaalele, PhD Student

Scott_KaalelePacific literature

Renaissance literature

Composition pedagogy

Maria Karaan, PhD Student

Austronesian Encounters

Navigational Poetics


Aaron Kiilau, PhD Student

Pidgin Literature and Translingual Composition

TV and Film Studies

Music History


Abraham Kim, PhD Student

Film Studies


Cultural Studies

Elizabeth Yeonkyung Kim, PhD Student

19th/20th Century British Literature

Translation Studies/Comparative Literature

Appropriation of English Literature by Korean Writers during the Japanese Occupation

Soyeon Kim, PhD Student

Asian, Asian American film

Literature/theory, Postcolonial theory

Diaspora studies

Nicole Kurashige, PhD Student

Visual rhetoric, comic studies, and pop cultural studies

Graphic memoir and autobiography (specifically trauma narratives)

Composition and writing center pedagogy

Micah Lau, PhD Student (CW)

Fiction and Nonfiction

Asian American Literature

Contemporary American Literature

Joshua Lazarus, PhD Student (CW)

lazarusIdentity-driven poetry and fiction


Orality, literacy, and intertextuality (especially pertaining to Jewish literature)

Christina Nakyong Lee, PhD Student (CW)

Creative Nonfiction/Fiction

Disability Studies

Creative Writing Pedagogy

Jeffery Long, PhD Student (CW)


Modernist fiction

Science/detective fiction

American Romanticism/Transcendentalism

Arielle Lowe, PhD Student

Literatures of Micronesia, Pacific Islands Literature

Indigenous & Mestiza Rhetorics, “Third Space” Pedagogy

Trauma Narratives, Life Writing

Jade Lum, PhD Student

Fairy Tale and Folktale Studies

Visual Rhetoric and Literature – Video Games, Films, Television, Comics

Genre and Adaptation Studies

Gender Studies and Representation in Popular Culture

Jordan Luz, PhD Student

Asian American Studies & Asian American Literature (specifically Filipino American literature)

Contemporary Local Literature of Hawaiʻi

Popular Culture Studies

Place-Based Pedagogy


Koreen Nakahodo (Schroeder), PhD Student

Koreen_Nakahodo_(Schroeder)Pacific literature

The literatures of Hawai‘i

Composition and rhetoric

Lauren Nishimura, PhD Student

Indigenous and place-based rhetorics

Cultural Studies (particularly issues of race, identity, and indigeneity)

Hawai’i-based/-situated literature

Leiana San Agustin Naholowaʻa, PhD Student

CHamoru orality, myths, and legends

Indigenous Pacific literature in English

Micronesian women and gender studies

Joana O’Steen, PhD student

Environmental Literature and place-based rhetorics

Irish literature (esp. contemporary Irish drama and postmodern Northern Irish poetry)

Literary linguistics and digital humanities in literary studies

Tiare Picard, PhD Student (CW)


Postmodern American poetry

Contemporary experimental poetry

Creative writing pedagogy

Leilani Portillo, PhD student (CW)

Kanaka Maoli Poetics and Epistemology

Queer Indigenous Pacific Diasporas

Hana Noʻeau as Methodology

Ren Pruitt, PhD Student

Indigenous literature and Decolonial Theory/praxis

Pacific Island Literature and Environmental Humanities

Queer/Gender literature and theory, Affect theory

Nani (Bonnie) K. Ross, PhD Student (CW)


Film and television studies

Indigenous visual culture and narratives (often including futurisms)

Novelynn Rubsamen, PhD Student

Novelynn_RubsamenColonialism/postcolonial theory

Globalization studies

Life writing

Amanda Silliman, PhD Student (CW)

Genres: Science fiction & horror

Transhumanism and culture

Queer and feminist theory in literature

Wyatt Souza, PhD Student

Mele, moʻolelo, and kaʻao Hawaiʻi

Indigenous methodologies/theories

ʻĀina based pedagogy


Mackenzie Suess, PhD Student (CW)

Fiction and hybrid writing
Embodiment and Transformation in Folk- and Fairy Tales

Shilpi Suneja, PhD Student (CW)

Fiction, Non-fiction

Life writing, Postcolonial theory, Ecofeminism, Modernist literature,

Immigrant literature, Diaspora studies

Norman “T-Man” Thompson, PhD Student

Norman_ThompsonPacific literature: poetry, creative fiction and non-fiction

Contemporary Hawaiian music

Identity performance: song, dance, tatau

Tina Togafau, PhD Student (CW)

Indigenous science fiction

Queer theory

Cultural studies

Cynthia Tsai, PhD Student

tsaiVictorian literature and literary fantasies

Pacific islands literature

Creative writing

Lyn Uratani, PhD Student

Postcolonial theory, nationalist discourse, subaltern studies

José Rizal and his 19th century contemporaries; Anglophone postcolonial writing

Anglophone representations of Spain and Spanishness

Amy Vegas, PhD Student

Indigenous methodologies,


anti-colonial mapping(s) of `āina,

Literatures of Hawai`i,

placed-based composition pedagogy

Sharon Weiner, PhD Student

weinerLife Writing and Women Artists

The Rhetoric of Women’s Suffrage in America: 1850-1920

Argumentative Writing

Brittany Winland, PhD Student (CW)

Ecocriticism and Posthumanism

Fiction Writing and Composition Pedagogy

Queer theory

Hauntology and Monsters

Caroline Zuckerman, PhD Student

Life Writing

Rhetoric and Composition

Writing Center Pedagogy