Recent News

  • Congratulations to Candice Sarangay and Kiana Camara, two English majors who were nominated by the English Department for and have been announced as recipients of the CALL Summer Scholarship!

Please welcome our new faculty members!

Left to Right: Kristiana Kahakauwila, Hannah Manshel, and Danielle Seid

Kristiana Kahakauwila

Specializations:  fiction, creative nonfiction, contemporary literatures of Hawai`i & the Pacific, Indigenous literatures of North America, magazine editing; publishing

Hannah Manshel

Specializations:  American literature pre-1900, law, Black studies & literatures, Indigenous studies & literatures, queer studies, decolonization, abolition.

Danielle Seid

Specializations:  American film & television history; film theory; narrative studies; feminist and queer media studies; critical race and ethnic studies; Marxist cultural studies; Asian American literature and culture; transgender studies

Ka Lama

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Featuring students Elise Lowe, Paloma Higashi, Emily Jane O’Callaghan, Kristin Olsen Santana, Edra Ha, Shannon Wong, and Kimiko Maeda-Leon.

Recent Books by Faculty

Jim’s new book, Satire as Comic Public Sphere: Postmodern “Truthiness” as Civic Engagement is forthcoming from Penn State University Press.
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Note: The following statement was approved by the  English Department as a whole. As such it is a departmental statement and should not be taken to represent the personal opinion of every single member of the department.

The UH English Department recognizes the necessary work being done by Academic Labor United to organize for better labor conditions for graduate student workers (graduate assistants, research assistants, and teaching assistants). The Families First Coronavirus Response Act requires the University to provide employees–including GAs and lecturers–who are unable to work from home with paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19 through December 2020. However, as we enter times of increasing hardship, especially for those working as adjuncts or GAs, we need to do more.

We support the demands being made by Academic Labor United, including for sick leave that extends beyond Covid-19. As we prepare to teach face-to-face this fall, we recognize ever more clearly that the need for sick leave and collective bargaining rights, as well as for guaranteed mental and physical health care, is a matter of public health and safety, as well as a way to support graduate students’ basic needs and well being.

We further urge the University Administration to take into account the similar needs of adjunct faculty, including for comprehensive health care and sick leave.