Creative Writing Faculty

Katharine Beutner, Ph.D.

Fiction and creative nonfiction

Rodney Morales, M.A.

Contemporary fiction, the detective novel, film noir, the literatures of Hawai'i and the Pacific, creative nonfiction, and songwriting.

Gary Pak, Ph.D.

Creative writing, literatures of Hawai‘i and the Pacific, Asian American literature, Korean American literature, Ethnic American literature, modern Korean literature in translation, contemporary Korean and East Asian cinema, new physics, jazz, social movements in Hawai'i.  Producer, writer and editor of the ‘Ōlelo Community TV series, Plantation Children: 2nd-generation Koreans in Hawai‘i.

Shawna Yang Ryan, M.A.

Fiction, Asian American literature, Taiwan history and politics, Fiction of the American West

Susan M. Schultz, Ph.D.

20th-century poetry in English, American literature, creative writing

S. Shankar, Ph.D.

Postcolonial theory and literature, creative writing, literary theory and cultural studies, translation and translation studies, cultural journalism