Composition I

ENG 100 Composition I Introduction to the rhetorical, conceptual and stylistic demands of writing at the university level; instruction in composing processes, search strategies, and writing from sources. Students may not earn credit for both ENG 100 and 190. Pre: placement. Freshmen only. FW

Expanded Course Description:
Though ENG 100 focuses largely on practicing and improving one’s writing skills to prepare for future academic coursework, it is equally important to consider the power wrapped up in the act of writing itself. We mediate the human experience through language—it is what binds and connects us to each other. Therefore, as responsible citizens, we must cultivate an attunement to the ways language is used and an awareness of ourselves as writers. We are all storytellers, and our stories often collide in ways that are both beautiful and messy. The assignments built into this course are designed to help us begin thinking about the ways we use language and how we enter public discourse. In the first major assignment, we will focus on language as storytelling—specifically as it relates to our stories and how our experiences have shaped who we are today. From there, we will explore the relationship between language and the social—diving into local issues in our communities and the complexities wrapped up in those issues. This will ultimately take us to our final paper, in which we will relate our local issue to a larger issue in society and offer ways forward in the midst of these narratives. As we navigate this semester together, let us move forward with generosity and humility—valuing each other’s stories and looking toward the ways we will learn from one another.