Jonathan Morse


Jonathan Morse

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MWF 9:30-10:20

A literary historian afflicted with historian-envy, I'm now trekking my therapeutic way out of the nineteenth century and toward the early twentieth. The author I used to teach most in the department's single-author series was Emily Dickinson, but the author I teach most these days is James Joyce. I also write a blog about language and photography.


Word by Word: The Language of Memory (Cornell University Press, 1990). Essays and chapters in An Emily Dickinson Encyclopedia, A Historical Guide to Emily Dickinson, The Emily Dickinson Journal, American Literary History, Raritan, and other books and journals. Recovered and restored historical photographs in The Emily Dickinson Bulletin, The James Joyce Quarterly, and my blog The Art Part.

Areas of Interest

American literature, literary history, modernism, prosody, photography


College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature award for excellence in teaching, 2014


BS, MS (microbiology), Penn State PhD (English), Indiana University