Frank Stewart


Frank Stewart been editor of Mānoa: a Pacific Journal of International Writing since 1989. He is also an essayist, translator, and the author of four books of poetry. For his poetry, he was awarded the prestigious Whiting Writers’ Award in New York in 1986 and other awards, including the Hawai'i Governor's Award for Literature. He has also edited eight anthologies on the contemporary literature and environment of Hawai‘i, Asia, and the Pacific. These include Wao Akua: The Sacred Source, 2003, and The Poem Behind the Poem: Translating Asian Poetry into English, 2004. He represented American writers at the Asia-Pacific Conference on Indigenous and Contemporary Poetry, in Manila; was a U.S. representative to the Taipei International Poetry Festival, in Taiwan; the American representative to the Commonwealth Games/Literature in New Delhi, and he's been invited to other conferences in Seoul, New Delhi, and several cities in Japan.


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Areas of Interest

Creative writing, modern and contemporary poetry and poetics, American nature writing, international literature of Asia, the Americas, and the Pacific.


Hawai‘i Governor’s Award for Literature, 2002 The UH- Mänoa George Lucas Award, for support of student publications, 1998 The UH- Mänoa College of LLL Excellence in Teaching Award, 1998 The Cades Award for Literature, 1996 The Whiting Writers Award, The Whiting Foundation, 1986 Pushcart Prize, 1984-85 Pushcart Prize Nomination, 1983 Award of Excellence, Hawai‘i Videotape Competition, 1983 Pele Award, 1981 Award of Excellence, National Public Relations Association, 1982 Gold Quill Award, International Association of Business Communicators, 1982 Galley Award, International Association of Business Communicators, 1980 All Nations International Poetry Award. Trition College of Illinois, 1978 Merit Award, Chancellor’s Office, UH- Mänoa for service and publications, 1977 Eugene Banks Award, 1968


BA, MA, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Publishing Procedures Certificate, Harvard University