Course Catalog and Rotation:

Courses may not be offered if the English Department is unable to staff them.
*6-8 Studies courses are offered each academic year. See the Upcoming Courses page for future offerings.

Number Course Rotation
100 Composition I Every Fall & Spring
190 Composition for Transfer Students to UH Manoa Every Fall & Spring
200 Composition II Every Fall & Spring
209 Business Writing Summer; Students may not earn credit for both ENG 209 and BUS 209
270 Introduction to Literature: Literary History Every Fall & Spring
271 Introduction to Literature: Genre Every Fall & Spring
272 Introduction to Literature: Culture and Literature Every Fall & Spring
273 Introduction to Literature: Creative Writing and Literature Every Fall & Spring
276 Introduction to Literature: Rhetoric and Literature Every Fall & Spring
300B Introduction to Rhetoric: Classical-Renaissance Every Fall
300C Introduction to Rhetoric: Enlightenment-Contemporary Every Spring
302 History of the English Language Even Springs
303 Modern English Grammar Every Fall
306 Argumentative Writing I Every Fall & Spring
307 Rhetoric, Composition, and Computers Every Fall
308 Technical Writing Odd Springs
311 Autobiographical Writing Every Fall & Spring
313 Creative Writing Every Fall & Spring
320 Introduction to English Studies Every Fall & Spring
321 Backgrounds of Western Literature Every Fall & Spring
326 Literatures of the World Every Spring
330 Medieval British Literature Every Fall
331 Renaissance British Literature Every Spring
332 Restoration/18th-Century British Literature Every Spring
333 19th Century British Literature Every Fall
335 British Literature After 1900 Every Spring
336 American Literature to Mid-19th Century Every Spring
337 American Literature Mid-19th to Mid-20th Century Every Fall
338 American Literature Since Mid-20th Century Every Spring
360 Film, Literature, and Adaptation Even Springs
361 Poetry Every Spring
362 Drama Odd Falls
363 Film Every Fall
364 Non-fiction Odd Falls
365 Fiction Every Fall
369 Film History Odd Springs
370 Literatures of Hawai‘i Every Fall; Cross-listed as ES 370
371 Literature of the Pacific Every Fall; Cross-listed as PACS 371
372 Asian American Literature Every Spring; Cross-listed as ES 372
373 African American Literature Odd Falls
374 Race, Ethnicity, and Literature Even Springs
375 Philippine Contemporary Literature in English Every Spring; Cross-listed as IP 363
376 Philippine Literature and Folklore in Translation Every Fall; Cross-listed as IP 396
378 Native Hawaiian Literature in English Every Spring
380 Folklore, Wonder Tales, and Oral Traditions Odd Springs
381 Popular Literature Odd Springs
382 Gender, Sexuality and Literature Even Falls; Cross-listed as WS 381
383 Children’s Literature Every Fall
385 Fairy Tales and Their Adaptations Every Spring
388 Literature and the Environment Every Spring
401 Theories and Methods of English Studies TBD
404 English in Hawai‘i Odd Falls
405 Teaching Composition Every Spring
406 Advanced Argumentative Writing Odd Falls
407 Writing for Digital Media Every Spring
408 Professional Editing Every Fall
409 Studies in Composition/Rhetoric/Language *; Repeatable one time
410 Form and Theory of Poetry Every Spring
411 Poetry Workshop Every Fall; Repeatable one time
412 Nonfiction Writing Every Spring; Repeatable one time
413 Form and Theory of Fiction Every Fall
414 Fiction Workshop Every Spring; Repeatable one time
416 Studies in Creative Writing *; Repeatable one time
420 Studies in Literature and Culture *; Repeatable one time
421 Studies in Comparative Literature *; Repeatable one time
430 Studies in Medieval Literature *; Repeatable one time
431 Studies in 16th and 17th Century Literature *; Repeatable one time
432 Studies in 18th Century Literature *; Repeatable one time
433 Studies in 19th Century Literature *; Repeatable one time
434 Studies from 20th Century to Present *; Repeatable one time
440 Single Author Every Fall & Spring*; Repeatable one time for a different author
442 Geoffrey Chaucer Odd Springs
445 William Shakespeare Every Fall & Spring; Repeatable one time
447 John Milton Odd Falls
455 U.S. Women’s Literature and Culture Every Fall; Cross-listed as AMST 455 & WS 445
463 Studies in Film *; Repeatable one time
464 Studies in Life Writing *; Repeatable one time
467 Studies in Literary Forms, Genres, and Media *; Repeatable one time
470 Studies in Asian American and Asian Diaspora Literatures *; Repeatable one time
471 Studies in Postcolonial Literature *; Repeatable one time
472 Studies in Cultural Identities and Literature *; Repeatable one time
473 Studies in Cultural and Literary Geographies *; Repeatable one time
474 Studies in Hawaiian and/or Pacific Literatures *; Repeatable one time; Cross-listed as PACS 474
480 Studies in Literature and Folklore *; Repeatable one time
481 Studies in Literature and Popular Culture *; Repeatable one time
482 Studies in Literature and Sexuality and Gender *; Repeatable one time; Cross-listed as WS 483
494 Study Abroad Demand; A-F only
495 Internship Every Spring; A-F only
499 Directed Reading As needed; Repeatable up to six credits