Composition I (ONLINE): Writing and Youth Culture

This class is intended to develop your skills in writing, reasoning, argumentation, and research, which prepares you to express yourself clearly, strongly and persuasively in various academic contexts as well as in your career and the rest of your life. The assignments will cover many of the skills necessary for research-based composition and you will have practice writing in various genres.

The focus of this class is “youth culture” and we will be examining many different aspects of the Millennial generation as we hone and develop writing skills: technology, labor, the environment, education, culture, class.
This is an online class. For the whole semester, all interaction with your instructor and your classmates will be by way of the UH Laulima and the Enhanced InSite systems. I will also be available through scheduled chat sessions on Laulima and via email, phone, or Skype.

You will need to discipline yourself and manage your time carefully. On-campus Fall session classes meet three times per week. This online class will demand the same amount of time, even though we’re not meeting in a classroom. The best strategy is to set aside at least three hours per week to do the reading and homework. Set up a calendar and set a recurring alarm for yourself. It’s a good idea to turn off your phone and social media as you would in a classroom. If you fall behind in these online classes, it’s very hard to catch up. Consider this class like your job; if you don’t show up one day, you’ll have consequences to suffer. If you have trouble adjusting to the online format, contact me right away and I’ll work with you on solutions.