Types of Creative Writing: Documentary Writing

Documentary Poetry & Personal Essay

In this course students will learn to observe
the world more closely, first by way of its documents (birth certificates,
transcripts, insurance forms, visa applications, phrase books, and so on), and
then by meditating on their inner worlds (thoughts and feelings generated by
these outside triggers). There will be constant writing exercises, as well as a
good deal of reading. The texts we read will provide models for student
writing. Students will be required to respond to the readings and do exercises
on the class blog, and occasionally to workshop their poems and essays. At the
end of the class, students will put together a chapbook of their work for the

Readings: Lopate, The Art of the Personal
Eleni Sikelianos, You Animal Machine (The Golden Greek);Donovan
Kuhio Colleps, Proposed Additions;Kevin Varrone, Box Score: An