Composition I

How do you know what you know? How is academic knowledge
created? Using such questions as the basis for formulating knowledge, we begin
our work developing your ability to comprehend academic discourse, write
academic arguments, and approach research as a form of personal and academic

Class Participation and Preparation:

More specifically, you will write informally in class,
analyze short texts for rhetorical, theoretical, and linguistic features,
discuss what you read and write, listen to and show respect for everyone in our
learning community, and use relevant feedback with the goal of improving all
aspects of your written work.

Assessed Writing:

You will write four formal pieces of polished prose
including a rhetorical analysis, an exploratory essay, an argumentative essay,
and a research-based essay. As you gain proficiency in selecting sources and using
and citing them appropriately, you will be expected to incorporate a greater
number and variety of academic sources into your work. You may resubmit any of
these papers within a reasonable time frame for a higher score provided the
quality of the piece is sufficiently improved.

Required Materials to Bring to Class:

Three-ring binder to organize printed material and writing

Your own copy of texts made available to you online, in
class, or at the bookstore as required