This course offers a
survey of six of Shakespeare’s plays along with an analysis of a range of the
film versions made from them. It will stress the reading of the plays as a
first step in understanding the choices made by film makers in bringing them to
the screen, and explore the distinctive language of film as well. Since a film
version of a play is always an interpretation, and sometimes a radical
modification, of the dramatic text, this course will encourage students to
compare and contrast films from different times and countries. These films
often reveal different objectives, some of which may be opposed to the values
thought to be represented by the original texts. Students will be encouraged to
explore how the different techniques and audiences of Shakespearean films
produce effects quite different from what may have been possible in the
original performances, or in later revivals on stage.



Separate screening
sessions of the films will be scheduled, and students must attend them or arrange
to view the films on their own. Those who attend these sessions are eligible
for extra credit by filling out a comment form. Those who cannot attend at that
time may also receive credit by turning in a similar response form. They can be
viewed in the Wong Audiovisual Center also. There will one medium-length paper,
weekly quizzes, plus a midterm and a final exam.



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