This is a place
based English 100 course. Our course materials and conversations will be based
and informed by the places we represent as individuals and the environment that
surrounds us as students at the University of Hawaiʻi (Hawaiʻi). The ultimate
goal of the course is to help students develop critical thinking, reasoning,
and effective writing skills through the lens of understanding the relationship
between writing/ academic discourse and place.


Required Text


All required texts
will be made available through Laulima.




Weekly assignments
will include reading, and written responses.


There will be 4
major assignments.

1.    Ola ka Inoa

a.     Personal
narrative discussing your name (given name, last name, nickname): where it
comes from, what it means, its significance…

ali’i ka ‘aina; he kauwa ke kanaka: Wahi Pana Project

a.    Experiential / research based essay on a site in

3.    Compare and Contrast image analysis

4.    ʻImi Naʻauao: Research paper

a.    Scholarly based research project/ paper on the topic
of your choice


For more
information please contact the instructor.