This course takes you through the creation of an
individualized research project where you conduct research on a topic that
interests you and that will make a change in your world.  While the principles of writing a good essay
are covered, they are done so within the purview of your research project. In
this class, process and practice are emphasized simultaneously with the culture
of college writing and college in general. 
Mini-essays that are viewed and commented upon by classmates help to
guide you through the writing process. 
This class will use the services of the Hamilton Library to teach
students how to maneuver the college research system. 

The following texts are required for this course and
can be purchased through Course Smart as an e-book or at Revolution Books:

Writing in
by Matthew Parfitt

(Learning Management System) with A Writer’s Reference with Writing in the
, 7th ed
(purchase through

by Jonathan Alexander and
Elizabeth Losh