This course begins
with the assumption that everyone is already a writer and that students bring
unique and valuable experiences to the classroom and writing process. We will
begin by examining everyday writing practices as important modes of writing that
can teach us about our ability to use language to persuade others. For example,
why is it considered acceptable to write ‘LOL’ in a text message to your
friend, but not in a resume or academic essay? And what does that tell us about
the conventions of writing to a particular audience? With these and other
questions in mind, we will consider the ways that everyday writing practices
can inform college-level writing.



Students will be
expected to produce regular informal blog responses, in-class writing
responses, and discussion posts. Additionally, there will be four major writing
assignments that will introduce students to the writing process of drafting,
peer review, revision, and metacommentary. Students will also be expected to
develop an ePortfolio that will develop the student’s awareness of writing as a
mode of self-representation that can and hopefully will continue through their
time at the university (and perhaps beyond). 


Required Materials:


There is no
required textbook. All materials will be available electronically or provided
in class. Regular access to the Internet and email is required.