Politics of Popular Culture

Course Overview

In “Composition I:
The Politics of Popular Culture,” you will learn how to effectively gather and
evaluate information and present it in well-organized expository prose. You
will analyze arguments from a variety of sources and respond to these arguments
in writing. Early on, you will select a controversy related to film,
television, and new media that you will write about throughout the semester.
You will approach this controversy in a different way for each of the three
units we will cover. In Unit I, you will describe the controversy as a whole,
in Unit II you will analyze one position within this controversy, and in Unit
III you will advocate for a position within the controversy.


Required Texts

Reading Pop Culture. Jeff Osbourne. Bedford/St Martins, 2013.

Everything’s an Argument, 6th edition. (recommended: the Bedford
e-Book to Go
version is cheaper than the paperback version). Andrea A.
Lunsford, John J. Ruszkiewicz, and Keith Walters. Bedford/St Martins, 2013.