Composition I

This course
uses popular culture as a means of teaching rhetoric and rhetorical
strategies.  Popular Culture can encompass many different aspects of every
day life, and how we look at popular culture (or the lens through which we look
at it) can be very revealing.  By examining the various means by which
popular culture manages to persuade society of what is considered normal or
abnormal, writers learn subtle (and not so subtle) ways of writing about and
critiquing such normalizations.  By incorporating traditional genre
writing with the examination of multiple popular culture artifacts, we can synthesize
our findings with credible sources and envision possibilities within our own
writing.  In this class, process and practice are emphasized
simultaneously with the culture of college writing and college in
general.  This class will use the services of the Hamilton Library to
teach students how to maneuver the college research system.

The textbooks
can be purchased at Revolution Books.