Types of CW: Creative Fiction/Non-Fiction

Course Description and Goals:

Writers who have already begun to explore fiction and non-fiction in their prior courses will have a chance to develop their own short story and creative non-fiction essay. We will read various short stories, a novel, and different forms of creative non-fiction essays to develop a deeper understanding of genre and craft. In the first half of the course, we will focus on fiction and narrative techniques–plot, dialogue, character, etc. In the second half, we will learn how to use these techniques to transform factual stories into artful narratives. We also will look at the ethics of such “transformations” and consider the implications for our own writing.

This is a writing-intensive coursethat requires a lot of writing andreading. Required texts not listed below will be available to download and print via Laulima or online.


Course Requirements

  • Attendanceand participation
  • Craftpresentation
  • Non-fictionessay, revision, and evaluation.
  • Fiction:short story, revision, and evaluation.
  • Blogs,freewrites, and quizzes
  • Peer-editing/workshopping


Required Texts (available at Revolution Books, 2626King Street)

  • Course Reader (required –available at Professional Image)
  • Cloud Atlas, DavidMitchell
  • The Art of Fiction,David Lodge