Types of CW: Poetry & Creative Non-Fiction

The first eight weeks of the course focuses on the writing of Creative Nonfiction, and the second eight weeks, on Poetry. The course is designed as an introduction to each genre. We’ll do lots of writing both inside and outside of class, in addition to reading and discussing the work of accomplished writers from a wide range of traditions and sensibilities. Class time will be devoted primarily to writing exercises, work shopping student writing, and discussing assigned readings. My goal for the class is that by the end of term, you will have begun (or continue) to develop a writer’s voice that is distinctly your own.


Required texts (available from Revolution Books in Puck’s Alley*)

  • The Teachers and Writers Handbook of Poetic Forms, Ed. Ron Padgett*
  • The Truth of the Matter: Art and Craft in Creative Nonfiction, Dinty W. Moore*
  • Course Reader (available from EMA Copiers, Campus Center, near Pizza Hut)


Also required:  Journal


Course Requirements

  • Online responses:  For each assigned reading, an online response will be due on our Laulima website by 6AM on the day of class, unless otherwise noted.
  • Journal:  In-class writing exercises. Daily entries outside of class are highly encouraged and can earn extra credit points.
  • Attendance, Participation & Discussion:  during both class and workshop sessions;
  • Portfolio:  This will consist of three parts:

1. A Collection of revised and polished Poetry (5 – 7 poems), and Creative Nonfiction (10-15 pages), a total of 20-25 pages or so, written and rewritten during the semester.;

2. ALL original Drafts (with my comments);

3. Free-writing exercises completed in class.


To pass the course, all work must be completed.