Intro to Lit: Lit & CW (Writing Memoir)


In this course we will explore,
question, and conjure an emerging genre: memoir. The texts you read in this
class will challenge traditional notions of genre, investigate issues of
writerly responsibilities, and confront readership concerns. “New narratives”
mix disciplines of philosophy, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, ultimately challenging
literary conventional traditions. This is a writing-intensive course that will
feature peer review and regular class discussion. Participation is integral to
your success in this course. Throughout the course you will be engaged in your
own writing, which will culminate in an 8-10 page original narrative,
accompanied by a final essay. Participation in a public community reading of
your work will also be required.

Course Requirements

  • Attendance
    and participation
  • Reaction
  • Informal
    writing assignments
  • Peer-editing/workshopping
  • Final Essay
  • Individual
    Writing Project
  • Public
    Reading of Work

Required Texts (available at Revolution Books, 2626
King Street)

  • Mark Doty Still Life with Oysters and Lemon: On
    Objects and Intimacy
  • Lydia
    Yunkavitch Chronology of Water: A
  • Cheryl
    Strayed Wild
  • Salman
    Rushdie Joseph Anton: A Memoir
  • Lauren Slater Lying; A Metaphorical Memoir
  • Maggie Nelson The Red Parts: A Memoir
  • Joe Brainard,
    I remember