Composition I

This course aims to teach
students to write essays in college. The focus will therefore be on learning
how to write persuasively with a specific audience in mind. The writing will be
of various kinds, though most will be argumentative (i.e., aiming to produce a
convincing argument on a topic). There will be an emphasis on revision and the
process of writing. You will learn to develop ideas, do research, draft,
revise, edit one another’s work, and proofread. In doing this, we will draw at
certain points during the semester on literature and films. Aside from the
reader (The Brief Bedford Reader, 11th edition), we will read
two full length books.

Assignments and Class Work:

During the semester,
students will engage in special writing exercises, produce rough drafts, and
participate regularly in peer editing (critiquing one another’s works). They
will produce one research paper (six
to seven double-spaced pages) and five
essays (each three to four double-spaced pages)
during the semester, in addition to more informal in-class writing assignments.

Required Texts:

(available at Revolution Books,
2626 So King St., between Puck’s Alley and 7-11)

  1. The Brief Bedford Reader, Kennedy, Kennedy and
    Aaron (11th Edition)
  2. Barbara
    Ehrenreich, Nickel and Dimed
  3. Salman
    Rushdie, Haroun and the Sea of Stories