Workshop: Fiction (CW)

This course
begins with a brief study of the aspects and elements of fiction writing and,
when appropriate, its contexts. The primary text for this course, Crafting Fiction, not only gives
students a comprehensive look at writing strategies, it also provides articles
on creative writing pedagogy and the role of the writer in the academy.

This course naturally
evolves toward intensive practice in the art of writing creative prose. Since
ENG 611C is an advanced workshop,
students are asked to submit polished drafts of their stories and
stories-in-progress for critiquing by their student peers. They are also asked
to be good critics, since much of the class time will be spent work-shopping
the stories submitted by fellow students.

No genre within
the realm of prose fiction will be excluded; in fact, the class will likely see
and examine some non-traditional and so-called marginal literature. It is
important to note that the time students spend outside of class not only drafting,
but revising, will be a testament to their commitment to creative writing, a
true gauge of how important it is to them to tell their stories well.

Course goals and requirements

  • Informal writing exercises
  • Thirty
    to fifty pages of polished fiction.
  • A
    solid record of  attendance and

Required Texts

  • Diogenes,
    Marvin, & Clyde Moneyhun. Crafting Fiction.
  • A
    Course Reader (available at Professional Image, 2633 S. King Street)