American Lit Mid-19th to mid-20C

This course
examines literature written in America from the mid-19th century through the mid-20th century, from the post Civil War years to just
after World War II.  The reading will
consist of prose, poetry, and drama by writers who are representative of the
literary movements Realism, Naturalism, and Modernism.  Examining
historical and social developments, you will read selections that show the
close link between literary style, content, and genre and social changes
particularly in immigration, race relations, the growth of urban centers,
poverty, regionalism, industrialization, the ethnic experience, and world

The course objectives include the following:

·To learn that literary history is dynamically produced by diverse
cultural groups with differing values,
languages, and histories.

·To analyze representative texts as forms of cultural and creative
expression in 100 years of history in the U.S.

·To engage questions of justice, value, and meaning raised by diverse

·To demonstrate an ability to read carefully and remember significant

·To increase facility in writing essays that develop a central thesis

Required Texts

Norton Anthology of American Literature 7th ed.  Vols. C and D.

Night.  Elie Wiesel.Trans. Marion Wiesel.  New
York: Hill & Wang, 2006.

Course Requirements                                                                  Two essays (each 20% = 40%); midterm exam (20%); final exam (30%) and
unannounced quizzes on the assigned reading and/or participation (10%).