Intro to Lit: Genre (Fiction into Film)

We will be reading works of fiction and viewing their film
adaptations to study the elements of narrative and narration in an interdisciplinary
way. We will also discuss the reasons for changes from fiction to film, be they
aesthetic, cultural, generic, or industrial. By the end of the course, students
should have a fair grasp of the similarities and differences in literary and
cinematic narratives. Attendance required.


4 papers; journals on the readings; an in-class group
report; and a final examination.


John Desmond & Peter Hawkes,  Adaptation,
Studying Film and Literature

And these works of fiction along with their film adaptations

Ernest Hemingway, The

Philip K. Dick, The
Minority Report

Annie Proulx, Brokeback

Jonathan Nolan, Memento

Tracy Chevalier, Girl
With a Pearl Earring

Cormac McCarthy, No
Country for Old Men