Lit & Culture (Literature of War)

Pose questions to the ancient gods of war who come right
down to the battlefield in Homer’s THE ILIAD and the Indian BHAGAVAD GITA.  Compare medieval notions of chivalry in Marie
de France’s “Eliduc” and Japanese tales of “Atsumori.” Wince through World War
I in poems by Sassoon and a novel by Remarque, ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN
FRONT.  Analyze WWII stories in American
“Bombardier,” ” British “Shannon Ain’t So Tough,” and Japanese SOLDIERS ALIVE
(excerpt).  Put together Tim O’Brien’s
fragmented stories from the Vietnam War in THE THINGS THEY CARRIED.  Finally, consider the differences between the
poetry and the official rhetoric of the war in Iraq.

Students will write four 3-5-page papers, two 2-page papers,
a midterm, and a final.  Discussion and a
panel count.