Composition I

The course’s general aims are twofold: to strengthen students’
writing and to have them produce it at a functional level consistent with the
university’s expectations. The
writing will primarily take the form of shorter individual responses to a wide
variety of texts. Core course elements are:

  • an engaged reception of selected works
  • an awareness of the varieties of English, their uses and significance
  • an ability to produce writing appropriate to an academic context and readership.

This class will
emphasize analytical/argumentative writing along with personal/experiential
writing. There will be several
required conferences. There are weekly required readings, and students will be
expected to respond to them in writing, primarily in the form of short in-class
essays, both argumentative/analytical and personal/ experiential.

There will be three longer papers. In addition, a selection of drafts,
revisions, and final papers must be resubmitted in the form of a final

Required text:

Course Reader (available at Professional Image, 2633 S. King).