n this course we will be practicing the art of prose writing in two forms: fiction and creative non-fiction. Initially we will look at how these genres are intimately connected and we will proceed from there. In the fictionportion of this course we will study the elements—plot, setting, character, point of view, tone & style, and theme—that make the whole(the story, that is) greater than the sum of its parts. For the non-fiction part of this course, we will be studying various authors to see what they bring to the table in terms of bringing life to non-fiction. Whether we’re writing fiction or non-fiction, we will be doing exercises that are geared toward getting our storylines going and improving our prose stylistically. Specific exercises will involve recalling, transcribing and/or inventing dialogue; crafting scenes; writing short narratives. Through these exercises we should find our potential stories; then, with an awareness of the juggling act we need to do involving tone, characters, action, time and place, we will strive to come up with coherent pieces. For this course the student is expected to produce 25-30 pages of polished prose.

Grades will be determined by the quality of the work produced by the student, but this is not the only factor. Attendance is also very important, because ENG 313 is a discussion-oriented class, and because we spend a good deal of time critiquing each other’s work.


No books are required, but students need to purchase a COURSE READER at Professional Image.