Spring 2024

Undergraduate Studies & ENG 440 Single Author Courses

A course used to fulfill the Studies in / Single Author requirement may also substitute for a Historical Breadth requirement. This substitution allows for a 3xx+ Elective.


ENG 409

Studies in Composition/Rhetoric/Language: Environmental Rhetoric — Allen



ENG 416

Studies in Creative Writing: Poetics of Water & Power — Revilla



ENG 420

Studies in Literature & Culture: Feeling Some Type of Way: The Politics of Emotion — Manshel



ENG 434

Studies in 20th and 21st Century Literature: African American Modernism — Taylor



ENG 440

Single Author: Jane Austen — Feuerstein


ENG 440

Single Author: James Joyce — Dasenbrock


Graduate Courses

ENG 613D        CW/LSE

Creative Non-Fiction Workshop: Cultural Journalism — Subramanian Shankar

ENG 705          CR

Seminar in Composition Studies: Teaching Writing in the Post-Truth Era — Darin Payne

ENG 709          CR

Seminar in Rhetoric: Rhetoric of Memoir: Israel/Palestine — Daphne Desser

ENG 716B           CW

Seminar in Techniques in Contemporary Literature: Techniques and Debates of the Fourth Wave —  Kristiana Kahakauwila

ENG 730X     LSE, Pre-1700, Pre-1898

Seminar in English Literature: Libertinism  — Emily West


ENG 745          LSE, Pre-1700

Seminar in Shakespeare: Rogues, Pirates, and Boys: Queer/Trans Theories and Early Modern Culture — Derrick Higginbotham


ENG 775          LSE/CSAP

Seminar in Cultural Studies: Humanism and the Human — Cynthia Franklin