Fall 2024

Undergraduate Studies & ENG 440 Single Author Courses

A course used to fulfill the Studies in / Single Author requirement may also substitute for a Historical Breadth requirement. This substitution allows for a 3xx+ Elective.


ENG 409

Studies in Composition/Rhetoric/Language: Writing, Healing, and Trauma — Desser


ENG 433

Studies in 19th Century Literature:  Land as Pedagogy — Manshel



ENG 440

Single Author: Patricia Highsmith — Chandra


ENG 463

Studies in Film:  Postcolonial Narrative Cinema — Shankar




Graduate Courses

ENG 605             CR

Theory and Practice of Teaching Composition — Darin Payne

ENG 613B          CW

Graduate Writing Workshop: Poetry Workshop — No‘u Revilla

ENG 625B/E            LSE/CSAP

Theories and Methods of Literary Studies / Theories in Cultural Studies — John Zuern

ENG 625C            CR

Introduction to Composition & Rhetoric — Daphne Desser

ENG 625D            CW

Foundations of Creative Writing  Kristiana Kahakauwila

ENG 713                CW

Seminar in Creative Writing — TBA

ENG 730I           LSE,Pre-1898        

Seminar in English Literature: Undisciplining Jane Austen — Anna Feuerstein      

ENG 735Q             LSE/CSAP, HAP

Seminar in American Literature: Asian American Narratives of Relationality and Climate Change — Candace Fujikane

ENG 763          LSE/CSAP

Seminar in Film Theory and Criticism: Sex on Screen — Daniel Seid