Senior Honors Project

During the senior year, honors students work on an extended research project in consultation with a Senior Honors Project adviser of their own choosing. The project length varies but is ordinarily more than 40  pages. The Senior Honors Project can be an analytical, research-based essay or a creative endeavor (fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, for example). The Mānoa Honors Program has different parameters for analytical versus creative projects. Students can find those parameters and other specifics about the project on this webpage:

In the semester before registering for HON 496 and officially beginning the project, students have the option to begin their research in HON 495, in which they explore various approaches to their topics, engage in research, and outline their project.  Students also have the option to work closely with their project advisor outside of a class setting. In either case, the student must submit a proposal to the  Mānoa Honors Program for approval before being allowed to register for HON 496.

Students complete the Senior Honors Project in two semesters of HON 496 and participate in a Senior Honors Project Conversation with the project committee, which consists of the project advisor and (usually) one other faculty member selected by the student and the project adviser. (The student does have the option to name more than one other faculty member to the committee.) The departmental Honors Director is also part of the Senior Honors Project Conversation. The Project Conversation allows time for final revisions before the bound version is submitted to the Mānoa Honors Program. In addition, it creates the opportunity for students to articulate the challenges of the project, to receive thoughtful responses, and finally to recognize what they have accomplished over the course of a year’s independent study.

Students writing a creative project must also include a short (10-12 pages) introduction or afterword that provides some analysis and context for the project.

Creative Thesis Option PDF