Honors Program Advising

Through individual advising, Honors students are encouraged to take advantage of a wide range of academic opportunities and programs. The Mānoa Honors Program Director and advisers work closely with each student to plan a program that best serves her or his particular interests as well as offering pertinent information on professional and graduate school requirements, application procedures, and scholarships.

In addition, students who have declared an English major as Freshman can take advantage of advising in the English department from the Director of Honors Program in English.

Students beyond their first semester at Mānoa can apply to the program in any semester after they have declared their English major, but usually no later than their second-semester as sophomores or first-semester as juniors.  A minimum of three semesters before graduation is recommended.

To learn more about the Honors Program in English and the application process, contact the Director.

For more information about the Mānoa Honors Program, call 956-8391 or visit their homepage at www.honors.hawaii.edu.