The Ph.D. Program

PhD Curriculum Map

Doctoral students take at least seven courses in English plus two outside of our Department and related to the individual student’s interests; at least one of the nine courses must have substantial Hawai‘i/Asia/Pacific content. The other three principal formal requirements are constituted by the area exams, oral comprehensive examination/prospectus meeting, and the dissertation. Students admitted to the Creative Writing track in the PhD program complete a creative-writing dissertation that includes a critical introduction. Students will be encouraged to approach these requirements as articulated parts of their training.

PhD Requirements

Graduate Manual (for students and faculty in the program)

Recent Dissertations

 “Transnational Kinship: Neoliberal Peace And Economic Violence in Vietnamese American Literature And Culture”

 “Ulu and Lamp Oil”

  “I am a poplarist”: A Critical Discourse Analysis of The Populist Rhetoric of Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign”

 ”Trugernanner’s Bones: Decolonization and Indigenous Futurity in Palawa Representations”