Sarah Allen


Office hours:
KUY 517

I am an Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition and the Director of the Composition and Rhetoric Program, the Mentoring Program, and the First-Year Writing Program. In my latest book project, I am rerooting the field in the Pre-Socratics' conceptions of logos (with special emphasis on that of Heraclitus) in order to "rewild" the field. In Kairotic Inspiration: Imagining the Future in the Sixth Extinction (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2021), by bringing together Nietzsche's work on the Dionysian and Donna Haraway's work on making kin, I offer a theory of inspiration that centers on transformative connectivity (especially across species). My first book, Beyond Argument: Essaying as a Practice of (Ex)Change, was published in 2015 with Parlor Press and WAC Clearinghouse. My scholarship generally focuses on ethics of engagement in writing, as does my teaching.

Areas of Interest

Classical Rhetoric (pre-Socratic Greek)

Rhetorical Theory (ecologies)

Writing Program Administration


Fall Semester 2024
  • ENG-300B: Intro to Rhetoric: Classical

Spring Semester 2024
  • ENG-300C: Introduction to Rhetoric: Contemp
  • ENG-409: Studies: Composition/Rhetoric/Language

Fall Semester 2023
  • ENG-605: Theory and Practice of Teaching Composition

Fall Semester 2022
  • ENG-306: Argumentative Writing
  • ENG-625C: Introduction to Composition & Rhetoric