Glenn Man


My present specialties are in film and narrative studies, both in theory and in practice. I also have a background in 19th Century British Literature and the legacy of Romanticism in the Victorian period. My interest in film and narrative are reflected in the courses that I have developed and taught: Fiction into Film, Narration in Fiction and Film, Film Theory and Criticism, Film Genres (the western, the musical, melodrama, the woman’s film, film noir, the war film, the art film, horror), Filmmakers (Hitchcock, Bergman, Antonioni, Fellini, Allen, Scorsese, Renoir), and a general course on film that stresses aesthetics, genre, and ideology. My publications in film include adaptation studies on The Third Man, The French Lieutenant’s Woman, David Copperfield, and Short Cuts; gender/race and genre studies on the Hollywood South Seas film, Thelma and Louise, Chinatown, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, The Deer Hunter, contemporary film noir, the Godfather films, and the biopic; Hollywood period history including Hollywood and Vietnam in the 1970s, the year 1975 in American film, and a book on Radical Visions: American Film Renaissance, 1967-1976; two recent articles on the multi-narrative film--those of Robert Altman and Clint Eastwood, respectively; and a pedagogical piece on my emphasis and methods in English 363, the introductory course on film. I continue to work on the multi-narrative film, preparing an essay on the global multi-narrative film (Babel, Code Inconnu, La Ville Est Tranquille, and The Edge of Heaven). And I look forward to the editing of an anthology of essays on the multi-protagonist film narrative/genre. I am a member of the Modern Language Association and the Society for Cinema and Media Studies. I have served on the Teaching Committee of SCMS, the Pedagogical Award committee of SCMS, and on the Program committee for the SCMS 2010 Annual Conference. I was English Department Chair from 1992 to 2001 and recently served as Acting English Graduate Program Director for two semesters. Over the past two decades, I've been active in UHM Study Abroad Program as Resident Director of its London program in Spring 2002 & Spring 2006, and in its Paris program in Fall 2008, Spring 2011, Fall 2013, Spring 2017,  & Fall 2019.

Areas of Interest

19th century British literature, narrative studies, film studies  


College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature Excellence in Teaching Award, 1989


BA, MA, PhD, University of Notre Dame