Spring 2014

All colloquia are held Thursdays at 3 PM in KUY 410 unless otherwise noted.

JAN. 23 Dan Talaupapa McMullin, The New Oceania Literary Series
JAN. 30 Cristina Bacchilega and John Rieder, UH-M, “The Fairy Tale and the Commercial in Carosello and Fractured Fairy Tales”
FEB. 06 Kristine Kotecki, UH-M, “An Image of Europe’s Future: Susan Sontag’s Humanitarian Arts in Beseiged Sarajevo”
FEB. 13 Petra Kuppers, University of Michigan, “Community Performance and Eco-Poetics”
FEB. 18(TU) Sudesh Mishra, The New Oceania Literary Series
FEB. 20 Nandini Chandra, University of Delhi, “The Child Political”
FEB. 27 Jason Lewis, Concordia University, reading, title to be announced
MAR. 06 Anna Feuerstein, UH-M, “Realism’s Animal: Sympathy, the Seashore, and Animal Alterity in George Eliot’s Adam Bede”
MAR. 11(TU) Katherine Hill & Kirsten Kaschock, The New Oceania Literary Series
MAR. 13 Kenneth Kidd, University of Florida, Chadwick Lecture Series: “Children’s Literature as Queer Theory / Queer Theory as Children’s Literature”
MAR. 20 Annie Fukushima, Rutgers University, “Asian and Latina/o Trafficked Migrant Crossings and an American Haunting: From Chinese Exclusions to the ‘Ghost Case’”
APR. 03 Paul Lyons, UH-M, “Prospects for Reading African (American) and Pacific Literatures Together”
APR. 10 Kristiana Kahakauwila, Western Washington University, Marjorie Putnam Sinclair Edel Reading Series
APR. 17 Cody White, UH-M, “Why Not Comics?: Challenging the Graphic Novel Canon in the University”
APR. 24 Graduate Students Meeting