Spring 2012

All colloquia are held at 3 PM Thursday in Kuykendall 410 unless otherwise noted.

Jan. 12 Thursday Jaimie Gusman, reading
Jan. 19 Thursday Georganne Nordstrom, Comp. job talk
Jan. 24 Tuesday Cathryn Molloy, Comp. job talk
Jan. 26 Thursday Susan Najita, Pac Lits. job talk
Feb. 1 Wednesday Rebecca Lorimer, Comp. job talk
Feb. 2 Thursday Alice Te Punga Sommerville, Pac Lits. job talk
Feb. 7 Tuesday Erin Suzuki, Pac Lits. job talk
Feb. 8 Wednesday Steven Winduo, Pac Lits. job talk
Feb. 9 Thursday Barbara Foley, visiting scholar, “Repression in Biography, Repression in History: The Politics of the Political Unconscious”
Feb. 16 Thursday Monica Kaiwi, reading
Feb. 23 Thursday John Zuern, “Who’s There?: Two Models of ‘Interpellation’ and their Implications”
March 1 Thursday Aiko Yamashiro, No’u Revilla, Jaimie Gusman, Lyz Soto, graduate student reading, “Oh the Places We (Won’t) Go: Space, Place, and Performance in Poetry”
March 6 Tuesday Cheryl Naruse, graduate student research
March 8 Thursday Shawna Ryan, Visiting Distinguished Writer, reading
March 15 Thursday Jamaica Osorio, Marjorie Edel Reading Series
March 22 Thursday Marie Alohalani Brown, Ka Po‘e Mo‘o: Hawaiian Reptilian Water Deities
April 3 Tuseday Amanda Adams-Handy, Steven Gin, Nadia Inserra: Graduate Student Research
April 5 Thursday Department Meeting: DPC matters, hiring for 2012-13
April 12 Thursday Richard Nettell: Assessment
April 19 Thursday Jill Dahlman: Assesing Online Instruction
April 23 Monday Shawna Ryan: Emergence, A Reading of Original Work by by UHM Graduate Student Fiction Writers
April 26 Thursday Graduate Program Assessment
May 3 Tuesday Department Party for Graduating Students