Fall 2020

Fall 2020 English Department Colloquium Schedule

[As always, please be on the lookout for adjustments/additions.] Unless otherwise intimated, all events through the Fall 2020 semester will be at 3:00 PM on Thursday via Zoom (link will be shared a few days before the event); unusual dates/times are underscored.

8/27 Department Meeting

9/3 Teaching During a Pandemic: Discussion

Facilitators: Ruth Hsu, Georganne Nordstrom, John Zuern

9/10 Building on the Retreat Part I: 1898: Significance of Date for Department The department voted to change the period marker 1900 to 1898 in 2018. At the retreat in Fall 2019, clarifying the significance of the date for the department was identified as an action item. This panel initiates department discussion in this regard. Anna Feuerstein, ku’ualoha ho’omanawanui, Craig Howes

9/17 Department Meeting: Conversation with Dean Peter Arnade

9/24 Concentration Meetings (for Graduate Faculty)

10/1 Drop-In Session: Supporting Students in Crisis Facilitators: Sarah Allen & Dax Garcia

10/8 In Rank Meetings (for faculty)

Sunday 10/11 Words@Mānoa Fall Conference: “All My Relations”

10/15 Building on the Retreat Part II: Future of the Department in a Changing Market for PhDs At the retreat in Fall 2019, the department identified the above topic as worthy of further discussion. This panel initiates that discussion. Derrick Higginbotham, Darin Payne, Tiana Kahaukawila

10/22 Joseph Keene Chadwick LectureA Queer Theirstory of Polynesia” Dan Taulapapa McMillin

10/29 Presentations by ENG 625 students Part I (details to follow)

11/5 Presentations by ENG 625 students Part II (details to follow)

11/12 Department Meeting

11/19 Research Outcomes Presentations

Members of the two groups that received Research Outcomes Grants in 2019-2020 will present their work. Cristina Bacchilega and Cynthia Franklin, conveners of the two groups, will facilitate.

12/3 Department Meeting

Fri 12/11 Department End-of-Semester Celebration [Time and format TBD]