Fall 2012

All colloquia are held at 3 PM Thursday in Kuykendall 410 unless otherwise noted.

Aug. 23 Thursday Beginning-of-semester get-together
Aug. 30 Thursday 3:00 pm; Jim Henry: “What I Did on my Sabbatical”
7:30 pm; Jack Gray: “Nga Kanikani Hou: The New Dance in Aotearoa”
Sept. 6 Thursday Carmen Nolte: “Beyond Adult Hegemony: Translating the Child’s Disruptive Voice”
Sept. 13 Thursday Subramanian Shankar: book release, Flesh and Fish Blood: Postcolonialism, Translation, and the Vernacular
Sept. 18 Tuesday Ranjan Adiga, Joseph Cardinale, and Tom Gammarino: reading
Sept. 20 Thursday Graduate Program Concentration Meetings
Sept. 25 Tuesday Ulrich Marzolph: “What Made the Nights? Hanna’s Contribution to the Success of the Thousand and One Nights
Sept. 27 Thursday Kim Compoc and Aiko Yamashiro, “Teaching The Value of Hawai‘i: A Collaborative Workshop”
Oct. 4 Thursday Theo Garneau: book release, If It Swings, It’s Music
Oct. 11 Thursday
Oct. 18 Thursday ku‘ualoha ho‘omanawanui
Oct. 25 Thursday Ida Yoshinaga
Oct. 30 Tuesday Otto Heim, visiting scholar
Nov. 1 Thursday Terese Svoboda, Visiting Distinguished Writer: reading
Nov. 8 Thursday Kim Lau: “Camping Masculinity: Play and Subversion in World of Warcraft”
Nov. 15 Thursday Graduate Program 625s colloquium part 1 (tentative)
Nov. 22 Thursday THANKSGIVING
Nov. 29 Thursday Graduate Program 625s colloquium part 2 (tentative)
Dec. 6 Thursday End-of-semester party for graduates
COLLOQUIA FOR SPRING 2013: Paul Lyons, Alohalani Brown, Tiffany Ing, and Jaimie Gusman/No‘u Revilla/Lyz Soto