Fall 2010

All events are held on Thursdays, 3:00-4:30 in Kuykendall 410, unless otherwise noted Contact the English Department [956-7619] for more information and/or contact persons listed below

August 26 Get-together with New Faculty and Graduate Students
Sept. 2 Fred Ho, “Naked Sax and Wicked Theory” Co-Sponsored by Department of American Studies (Contact: Cindy Franklin)
Sept. 9 Department Meeting
Sept. 16 GPC Concentration Meetings
Sept. 23 Mei Li Siaw, “Reclaimed, Resilient, Redoubtable: Yasmin Ahmad’s Film (Re)Imaginations of the Malay-Muslim Woman in Malaysia” (based on her talk at 7th International Conference on Media, Religion and Culture in Toronto, in August 2010).
Sept. 30 DCC Symposium on Departmental O, E, and H courses (Todd Sammons)
Oct. 7 Reading: Adam Aitken, Distinguished Writer in Residence
Oct. 14 Open
Oct. 21 Assessment Committee Report on English 100 Scoring (Ruth Hsu)
Oct. 28 Readings from Graduate Novel Reading Workshop (Uzma Khan) Eleanor Svaton, Rachel Wolf, Alex Dorcean, Eric Birkeland
Nov. 4 Alexei Melnick, reading from Tweakerville
Nov. 9 (Tues.) Pre-PAMLA and pre-MLA Graduate Presentations: Cheryl Naruse, Carmen Nolte, Steven Gin
Nov. 18 David Maine, The Man Who Pulled Off His Head
Dec. 2 English 625 presentations
Dec. 9 English 625 presentations
Dec. 10 End-of-semester Gathering in Honor of our Graduates
COLLOQUIA FOR SPRING 2011: Candace Fujikane, Nancy Sommers (contact Jill Dahlman), others TBA