Creative Writing Faculty

Kristiana Kahakauwila, MFA

creative writing and craft theory, fiction writing, creative nonfiction writing, journalism, travel writing, Oceanic/Pacific literature, literatures of Hawai'i, contemporary Native American literature

Craig Santos Perez, Ph.D.

Pacific Islander and Native American Literature and Theory, Indigenous Studies, American and International Poetry and Poetics, Postcolonial Literature and Theory, Decolonizing Methodologies, Ethnic and Cultural Studies, Food Writing, Environmental Literatures and Eco-Poetics

Noʻu Revilla, Ph.D.

creative writing; spoken word; Indigenous and decolonial poetics; Native Hawaiian literature and theory; Pacific poetry and performance; feminist studies; queer theory; cultural studies

Shawna Yang Ryan, M.A.

Craft of Fiction, Asian American literature, Taiwan history and politics, 20th & 21st cent. American Fiction

S. Shankar, Ph.D.

Postcolonial theory and literature, creative writing, critical caste studies, cultural journalism, literary theory and cultural studies, translation and translation studies, US literature of immigration

Joyce Pualani Warren, Ph.D.

Native Hawaiian Literature; Pacific Literature; American Literature; Native Pacific Epistemologies and Cosmogonies (of darkness, space, and time); Black Pacific; Native Pacific Feminisms; Postcolonialism; Diaspora; Literary Nationalism.