Seminar in Creative Writing: Poet-Scholar

ENG 713 (001)

Seminar in Creative Writing (The Poet-Scholar)

T: 6:00-8:30pm

Dr. Craig Santos Perez

Course Description

This hybrid workshop will focus on creating writing (poetry) and critical writing (poetics). We will read a diverse range of “Poet-Scholars” who have published both poetry collections and scholarly monographs. Beyond discussing the course readings, students will also write, workshop, and revise their own original poetry and scholarship (culminating in a final creative portfolio and a final essay). Throughout the semester, students will learn the mechanics of writing poetry and essays; explore the relationship between poetry and poetics; and engage with the challenges and rewards of being both a poet and a scholar.


1) Read, annotate, and discuss course texts.
2) Write short responses analyzing the poetry and scholarship.
3) Compose original creative writing (poetry) inspired by the course texts. 4) Compose an original essay (20 pages) examining an aspect of poetics. 5) In-class and take-home peer-review and workshop.
6) Revise peer-reviewed work.
7) Submit a final portfolio and a final critical essay.

Required Texts: 

Kimberly Blaeser: Gerald Vizenor: Writing in the Oral Tradition (2012) & Apprenticed to Justice (2007)

Brandy Nalani McDougall: Finding Meaning: Kaona and Contemporary Hawaiian Literature (2018) & The Salt Wind: Ka Makani Paʻakai (2008)

Margaret Ronda: Remainders: American Poetry at Nature’s End (2018) & For Hunger (2018)

Evie Shockley: Renegade Poetics: Black Aesthetics and Formal Innovation in African American Poetry (2011) & The New Black (2012)

Timothy Yu: Race and the Avant-Garde: Experimental and Asian American Poetry Since 1965 (2009) & 100 Chinese Silences (2016)

Urayoan Noel: In Visible Movement: Nuyorican Poetry from the Sixties to Slam (2014) & Buzzing Hemisphere/Rumor Hemisferico (2015).