Poetry Workshop

ENG 411 Poetry Workshop

IN PERSON / Tue, Thur 1:30 – 2:45 / KUY 207

Instructor: Noʻu Revilla

Email: nrevilla@hawaii.edu

Course Description

Poetry is a struggle for precision and relation. In this 400-level workshop, we will be guided by two principles: writing is recursive and writing builds community. To engage the first principle (writing is recursive), students will draft poems each week and be attentive to the ways their prewriting, writing, and revising stages develop throughout the semester. In line with this attention, mandatory portfolios will include process documents on revision, risk, and poetics as well as 10 pages of original poetry. To engage the second principle (writing builds community), students will actively participate in regular peer workshops and develop the vocabulary to share constructive and compassionate feedback. With specific attention to craft, we will also diversify our understanding of poetic form and content. As poetry is based in oral traditions and is meant to be embodied, students will be required to perform two recitations – first as a collective and second as individuals.


Required Course Texts

Texts may be added or removed from this list as new works become available and may serve our purposes more effectively.

  • Ilya Kaminsky, Deaf Republic
  • Felicia Rose Chavez, The Anti-Racist Writing Workshop


Major Assignments

  • Regular drafts of original poems that respond to in-class prompts
  • Pono participation in workshops
  • Statement on workshop philosophy
  • Group memorization and recitation of a published poem
  • End-of-the-semester hōʻike (original poem and peer introduction)
  • Portfolio of original poems and a statement of risk, revision, and poetics