Introduction to Literature: Genre: Enchanted: Fairytales & Fiction

In this course, we’ll examine a number of old tales alongside some of their contemporary adaptations and re-imaginings. How do Nalo Hopkinson and Angela Carter re-envision the story of Little Red Riding Hood, for instance? What is Helen Oyeyemi’s take on Hansel and Gretel in her 2019 novel Gingerbread? How are modern and contemporary stories and novels drawing from, diverging from, and otherwise in conversation with earlier written and oral versions of fairy tales and folk lores? How and why do we see so many old tales continually revisited, updated and transformed? As part of our course reading, we’ll also examine a few different opinions (historical and contemporary) on the importance of reading, writing, or working with fairy tales and folk lores as we ask: What do these stories have to offer readers, especially in today’s world?

Please note this course is scheduled to be delivered in-person without an online component.