Composition I

Welcome to English 100!

class is designed to help you take charge of your writing so you can express
yourself with clarity and precision. I believe we all have the potential to
write beautiful and persuasive essays if given enough time to practice, get
help, and revise. This class will give you ample opportunities to do so in
a supportive and welcoming environment. I believe that by improving our
research and writing skills, we deepen our engagement with the world at large.
Even more, it can be fun!

A key
task for English 100 is learning about rhetorical strategies and understanding
your audience. I also emphasize thorough research, analytical reflection and
creative expression. All readings will be posted online, and will include a wide
range of topics from technical advice to current events.

We will
have four main writing assignments. Additionally there will be a final essay,
which will be a revision of a previous assignment. Students will also be
graded on class participation, including posts on Laulima about the readings
and each other’s work. Class time will also include: short lectures, peer
review, small group work, quiet-time writing exercises, student presentations, large
group discussion and library workshops.