Drama after 1900

Required texts: Various (available from
Revolution Books)

This section of ENG 271
will study significant works of drama (from theatre and screen) from the United
Kingdom. The class is designated Writing Intensive and will therefore use
writing to promote the learning of the course material, will provide
interaction (in-and outside the classroom setting) on the writing assignments,
and will require a total of not less than 16 sides of writing (at least 4000
words). The writing assignments will be 8 short reaction papers, initially
published to the class on Laulima but also edited and revised after peer and
instructor feed-back. One of these postings will later be expanded into a full
final paper. There will also be regular, required individual conferences, and failure
to complete any of the writing assignments will result in a non-passing grade
for the class as a whole.


The final grade will be
assessed as follows:


(Revised) Laulima
postings     70%