In this course we will
explore how to revise/workshop your poetry as well as how to become a published
poet. Throughout the course, we will read poetry book by young writers, write
our own original poetry based on relevant prompts, and edit/revise our poems.
At the same time, we will discuss how to publish our poems and how to begin our
journey as professional poets. For example, students will be introduced to the
exciting world of poetry publishing, contests, literary journals, and
magazines. Additionally, students will learn how to create a cover letter,
submission packet, author photo, and author bio. Then, we will all submit our
poetry for possible publication. Final projects will include putting together a
portfolio of our final work, marketing/selling the portfolio, and hosting an
end of the semester poetry reading. We will also attend several poetry readings
and speak to local editors and publishers.


Course Requirements

  • Attendance and participation
  • Reading and discussion
  • Informal creative writing assignments
  • Peer-editing/workshop
  • Submissions
  • Final portfolio and poetry reading


Required Texts

  • Brandy Nalani McDougall, The Salt Wind Ka Makani
  • Emelihter Kihleng, My Urohs
  • Sage Uilani Takehiro, Honua
  • Jill Yamasawa, Aftermath


Other readings will be
provided via Laulima.