This course will review and (through critical
examination) expand basic dramatic concepts through a detailed analysis of a
broad range of (20thcentury British) dramatic representations,
written and produced primarily for the stage but generally also adapted for
film or television. In addition to the set texts (written and visual), the
syllabus requires that students attend at least three local performances
outside class time.


Learning Outcomes:

Students will demonstrate knowledge of the form,
function, and development of the genre of drama and will be able to discuss how
specific works exemplify or resist many traditional categories (such as comedy
or tragedy, for example).


Printed texts available from CRDG Marketing and
Publication (Castle 101) or other outlets.

Films available on youtube (or other outlets) or on
reserve in Sinclair Library (S).


Grades will be based on a midterm and final (35%), a
minimum of 10 postings on Laulima (35%), and full class and theatre attendance