Required texts:

–Packer et al., Writing Worth Reading

Anne Sexton, Transformations

–Other readings
from Greek, Roman, Biblical and other literatures are in the public domain are
downloadable for FREE. 

This course will introduce
readers who may be unfamiliar with early texts from the Western Tradition to
formative texts, especially those which continue to seem relevant to us in the
21st century.  These will
include folk tales (as provocatively re-visioned by Anne Sexton),  passages from the Old and New Testaments,
from Arthurian Legend, from Greek drama, Greek and Roman biography, and early
Greek novels.  Be prepared for
controversial topics – including incest, rape, infanticide, homosexuality,
pre-destination and free will.  Also to
be discussed are literary concepts such as tragedy, comedy, biography,
foundations myths, and others.


During the semester,
students will write two 1000 word papers on controversial topics from Sexton or
from Greek and Roman Literature.  Class
participation will also be important.  A
final examination will be held on the day and time indicated in the official
Manoa exam schedule for this term.