Advanced Composition: Writing in
Relation to Community



Course Objectives:

1). To continually develop
and refine the writing and research skills learned in English 100.

2). To discuss and cultivate
advanced critical thinking, reading, and writing skills for academic and
post-academic writing, with special attention to strategies applicable to
particular discourse communities and disciplines.

3). To learn about ways to
adapt writing to particular purposes, audiences, and rhetorical situations.

4). To conduct and
synthesize scholarly research using common technologies and search techniques.

5). To develop a range of
writing and revising strategies that can meet reader expectations while also
fostering and maintaining individual writing approach and voice.


Course Description:

Upon entering this class,
every student identifies with a particular set of communities. As a teacher,
some of the communities I identify with are academic (I am a student as a well
as a teacher), some are family related (I am recently married from a family of
6), and some are pedagogical (groups of other teachers).  Within this class, we will be exploring how
to read and write more critically in relation to the framework of
community.  Some of these communities
will be academic and career-based, as we will write in various modes across the
disciplines. However, some of these communities will be connected with
neighborhoods, cultural groups, and spaces in which we currently live and move.
Writing in this class will both question what it means to write as part of a
particular community, and how to effectively write within a given discourse
community while also traveling among and between others.



English 200 Reader
(available for purchase before the semester at Professional Image Copy Center
on South King St.)

It is highly suggested that
students should have consistent access to the Internet and online technology
(in order to keep up with online readings and assignments)