This section of Composition I will allow students to
develop skills readying them for future university writing.  The Class Reader provides a selection of
texts to prompt class dialogues and suggest ideas for assigned student
essays.  Works from the Class Reader will
also be discussed to facilitate students’ comprehension of clear, effective
writing. In their assigned essays, students will gain experience with summary,
reflection, analysis, argument and, research. 
Finally, students should also expect to improve their writing through
reviews of strategies for organization, methods of incorporating their “voice”
in their writing style, and polishing grammar and mechanics.


* Class Reader

* A Pocket Style Manual, 6th Ed. (2012)

(Percentage of assignments toward final grade in parentheses):

* Four essays: 3-4 page long each (w/ one possible
rewrite) (40% avg.)

* Final Research Paper: 8 – 10 pages (20%)

* Reviews/Worksheets in Grammar & Mechanics (15%

* Impromptu Reading and/or Grammar Quizzes (10 % avg.)

* Participation (15%)

* Attendance taken each class: limited # of absences
allowed before course grade is lowered.